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This video talks about gratitude. Both the giving and receiving side of gratitude. Gratitude is incredibly difficult and incredibly moving when done well. It’s also sacred and requires genuine care when handling. When I rewatch this video I feel my whole body quiver at certain moments of connection and appreciation.

Psychotechnologies live – Youtube channel

This is one of the videos from Psychotechnologies live, talking about how I would work with addiction.

This video is an introduction to Internal Family System Therapy then using it to work with a struggle to let go of old files and memories. (to skip to the session which starts at 19:17 –

This video teaches a way to access the meditative states called the Jhanas in a light form. They seem to be fundamental qualities of mind. When we get in touch with them, we can feel more free from the world of attachment because we have access to a variety of enjoyable experiences any time we want.

This video runs through a variety of meditative experiments. We cover what it’s like to try to take experience from the first person perspective. What is it like to perceive the next moment as entirely new?

More videos coming soon! I’m in need of willing participants. If you are interested in a collaboration, reach out through my Contact page.