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Corporate workshops

In working with your team, I consider the specifics of your circumstances to take priority over any set program. I don’t know your business better than you do. Most importantly – the culture of the whole business is reflected in each of it’s constituents. Some of the workshops I have run have covered:

  • Communication
  • Work life balance
  • emotional self awareness
  • Acting from the centre of your being
  • Vertical development – Spiral dynamics, Bill Torbet, Robert Kegan.
  • Parts work and working with Internal Family Systems therapy
  • Vision alignment and coordination
  • Getting calibrated – getting confident in what you know and don’t know
  • Good stress and bad stress
  • What is the most important thing to be working on?
  • Everyone has something to teach us.
  • Time management

If these sound interesting or you want to find out more – reach out via my contact page.